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Fondation Alfaset's bodies

Our Board

Didier Berberat
Former State Advisor


Pierre-Yves Perrin-Flisch
Director of Flisch Group


Laurence Barras
Social Services Manager for the City of Le Locle


Alain Blandenier
ORP Advisor for the NE Cantonal Employment Service


Nathalie Christe
Director of the Serei Foundation


Silvia Locatelli
Project Manager at DEAS General Secretariat


Massimiliano Colella
R&D Manager at Philip Morris International



Council Bureau

Didier Berberat
Pierre-Yves Perrin-Flisch



Board of Directors

René Barbezat
Managing Director


Yves Lohri
Director for Psychosocial Support


Sophie Minger
Finance & Administration Director



Supervisory Body

Fiduciaire Leitenberg & Associés SA



Status – Corporate philosophy

Legal status: Foundation

Our aim: to create and operate workshops and residences that provide socio-educational and socio-professional support to people with disabilities, enabling them to improve their wellbeing and financial and social situation, thereby supporting their integration into society.



Corporate philosophy

Based in Neuchâtel, we are an organisation that has been active since 1962 in society and industry.


We offer psychosocial assistance through our workplaces rooted in many trades, alongside a number of living environments that are adapted to our beneficiaries.


Our partners include social and healthcare organisations, businesses involved in industry, as well as individuals and the Canton of Neuchâtel.


We are committed to social inclusion and professional integration, taking into account the needs of each individual.


Our values ​​are centred on trust, responsibility, professionalism and innovation.


We aim to be a sustainable, self-financing organisation that brings diverse groups together.


We support our beneficiaries to develop the autonomy and skills they need to have full agency in their lives.




Support our work

You can improve conditions for our beneficiaries by making a gift to La Fondation Pro-Alfaset (more information via the link below).


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