about the foundation

Human and professional

Society and industry

Fondation Alfaset is a not-for-profit institution, fundamentally committed to the principles of humanity and professionalism, which never fail to move those who come across our work. The institution is defined by the incredible reach of our work and our holistic approach. The impact we make is thanks to the synergy of our areas of work and our organisational structure.



A social partner

We give tailored, multidisciplinary assistance to those living with a disability, at work and/or in daily life. Fondation Alfaset reaches and represents beneficiaries and their families, social institutions, our network of therapy and medicine, and the Canton of Neuchâtel.



An industry parnter

We provide competitive professional services, committed teams, and prestigious references. Fondation Alfaset reaches clients who entrust us with demanding subcontractor tasks that provide work for people living with disabilities.



Our goal

Fondation Alfaset's driving force and purpose are as strong as ever in our 60 years: we support people with disabilities, with the aim of helping them improve their financial and social situation. The focus of our work helps empower our beneficiaries to integrate into society.



Our methods

Our client commissions for production and professional services form the backdrop for social and professional integration in a safe environment.



A rich history since 1962

Founded in 1962 with the creation of the first sheltered workshop in Switzerland, Fondation Alfaset has grown to employ more than 700 people, including around 500 people with disabilities. Well established within the region, the Foundation has several sites in the Canton of Neuchâtel (residences and workshops), and now has a national (and even international) dimension for its skills, which are recognised beyond Swiss borders.





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