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Our future beneficiaries often ask us...

Can I choose my accommodation?

You can choose what suits you best from the accommodation solutions we can offer you. The level of assistance varies depending on the accommodation you choose.



Can I choose to live in a Fondation Alfaset residence even if I don't work there?

Yes, that’s not a problem.



I’m looking for professional assistance, but I don't know if I should work in a workshop or go to the CNR first?

Each person is different, and there’s no standard way of integrating into the world of work. Contact us, and together we can find the option that works best for you.



Which option will allow me to have a salary?

Working in our Alfaset workshops 15-40 hours per month will allow you to earn a salary, because our external clients expect professional services. Our partner workshops offer a small sum in exchange for a few hours of work, while the CNR offers compensation for time spent on site. No money is received when spending time at our Day Care Center.



What occupation or work is held in highest regard at Fondation Alfaset?

The best place is the one that suits you! Every piece of work, whether carried out for a client, for us, or for yourself, is considered equal. Our supervisors treat every service user with the same level of respect for the efforts made on a daily basis, whatever the activity.



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