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Living in our residences

Independent, but supported

Fondation Alfaset manages several residences in the Canton of Neuchâtel. We welcome adults receiving invalidity insurance or welfare, whether for a short or long-term stay. Whether you work in an Alfaset workshop or have another occupation during the day, should your needs match what we can offer, you can stay in our residences.



Support for your schedule

If you want to be supported and gain independence in your daily life, we can help you. You can move in with your personal items and furniture if you wish, and we can offer you a room (or shared apartment) where you can be independent. Living areas, cafeterias, outdoor seating and games rooms are shared with other residents.



Support for your schedule

A team of facilitators is available on-site to help you make arrangements for your daily schedule and monitor your health. In the residence, everyone has their own needs and interests. Let us know what your interests are, and we’ll support you in your life plans and individual goals.



Leisure activities

Sport, therapeutic activities and leisure activities are all available in or near the various residential areas. Everyone is free to take part according to their personal interests.



A partnership with the Canton of Neuchâtel

Fondation Alfaset’s supported accommodation work is monitored and approved by the cantonal adult support and accommodation service (SAHA).





However, we are unable to accommodate the following:

  • Minors
  • Those with severely reduced mobility
  • Those requiring significant physical and/or psychological care
  • Those with a drug addiction
  • Those in retirement





For more information, contact us directly.


Tél. 032 967 96 50

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