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Small buildings with a family atmosphere

Our Neuchâtel residences, Serrières and Peseux, are home to both shared and personal spaces, like a big family home.



During the week, you spend your time as you wish outside the residence, and when you’re at home, a socio-educational team is present during the day. Our team supports you to make arrangements in your daily life and guides you towards the greatest possible autonomy.


Everyone participates in the daily life of the house according to their abilities.




  • Small buildings with a family atmosphere
  • 6 single rooms
  • 1 Studio
  • Lounge, cafeteria and games room
  • Close to public transport, the lake shore and the city
  • Adresse : Rue des Battieux 2, 2000 Neuchâtel



  • 6 shared apartments (accommodating 18 people)
  • Dining area, balconies, lake view, large garden, outdoor seating.
  • Close to public transport, shops, and the lake shore.
  • Vegetable garden for those who enjoy gardening.
  • Adresse : Rue des Guches 13 A, 2034 Peseux


Support team

  • Our socio-educational team supports you during the day and helps you make arrangements for daily life. Our team is here to help you achieve your personal goals.
  • A guardian can be reached by phone.
  • Adapted therapeutic activities will be made available to you.


Daily life

  • You’ll take part in daily life in the house (cooking, eating, tidying up, cleaning and laundry) according to your abilities.
  • All the activities we offer are important, even the simplest ones. They’re all opportunities to grow in life.





For more information, contact us directly.


Tél. 032 967 96 50

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